I’ve been a huge fan of Sass & Bide since it’s underground days in Australia. But I’m not a fan of their exorbitant prices. So I was pretty excited to hear that they were launching a diffusion line, S&B Vie, that promised to be more affordable and just as amazing. 

Well, they lied. 
On Sass & Bide’s online boutique pieces from the original line range from $170 to $850 while S&B Vie’s cheapest piece is a tacky, slogan t-shirt at $99 and seems to top off around $400. Granted, this is MORE affordable than the original line but the pieces are so uninspired. If I wanted a t-shirt that says, “Peace, Love, Happiness” I’d go to Target and get it for $8.95. I definitely wouldn’t shell out $100 for one! And I’m not sure that I’d spring on a techno-color dream coat at for $320 either
Creator of Sass & Bide,Sarah Jean-Clarke, told Nylon magazine that she loves that the lines have their own individual personalities and that, “S&B Vie really captures the spirit of youth and fun in life.” 
Um, sure, maybe if it was still 1976 and reflecting the youth of THAT time. From what I’ve seen the line is so unimpressive! Why couldn’t they have just taken their original concept, tweaked it, and made it more affordable? Why does “diffusion” line automatically have to equal bad and especially poor quality for the money? Marc Jacobs and Chloe both have fantastic diffusion lines that respects the view of the original collections, yet have their own directions, and manage to maintain the same level of quality while being much more affordable (especially in comparison to their grown up lines)…why can’t other designers follow their lead?!?! 



  1. I love diffusion lines. I’m really excited about this.

  2. i’m excited to see it. not excited to wear it. diffusion lines crack me up.

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