One of my favorite trends of the year is definitely the cold shoulder!  The cold shoulder was on every runway for spring and summer and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. As the weather gets increasingly blustery, cold shoulder sweaters are a trendy way to keep warm! I’ve found myself reaching for my favorite cold shoulders again, and again this autumn. I have no doubt that they’ll be in heavy rotation once the winter storms hit!  Add one or all  of my five favorite cold shoulder sweaters to your closet for a hint of sexiness with undeniable warmth!

I’ve always thought that showing just a hint of skin is the height of sophistication so cold shoulder sweaters appeal to my secretly modest sensibilities. Let’s face it; you never know how warm or cold you may be at a holiday party or extended trip to the mall so if you have a sweater that keeps you comfortable either way, you’re basically all set! I love that it’s sexy and cozy which is pretty much all I’m aiming for in life, TBH!

My 5 favorite cold shoulder sweaters to wear now and later!
My 5 favorite cold shoulder sweaters to wear now and later!

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Now, I have a confession to make: The sweater I’m truly living in is this one from White House/Black Market. A cheerful,  holiday red with a comfortable mock neck that I can machine wash! Grab it here.  Of course, all of these sweaters look cute and casual with jeans or pair them with booties and a skirt for a more dressed up look. What more can you possibly need from a winter garment?

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