Oh, Katie Holmes, I’ve had such a love/hate relationship with you since the 7th grade.
I hate your sideways smirk, but love the huge grin.
Joey Potter seemed so fun but Jen Lindley was always so glamorous.
You showed so much promise in Pieces of April and then I endured Mad Money.
I love Suri but Tom creeps me out.
Actually, you probably feel the same way about that last one, Katie.
But I have to admit, this “divorce tour” you’re taking on the streets of New York this month has me captivated. You look amazing, Scientology is scary, and Suri is still the best dressed woman in town.
Besides, as a former student of The Sacred Heart, I’m thrilled that Suri will be attending Convent of the Sacred Heart in September.
Katie has been spotted wearing one of my favorite denim labels, MOTHER, a couple of times this month. I love her casual regular-mom-on-the-go style (as if there weren’t dozens of paparazzi just out of the shot) with her MOTHER “Looker” jeans, Isabel Marant “Dicker” booties, and Henry Cuir “Charivari” tote
(Pictures Courtesy of Just Jared)



  1. Anonymous

    The sideways smirk (that I also have) comes from a condition called Bell's Palsy. It's not on purpose, and it sucks. You can't smile fully and some people wrongly think you're an ass because your smiles look arrogant or half-hearted. It's awesome that it didn't stop her from being an actress or finding love (albeit short-lived and to you know who), most people who have it lose all of the function of that side, and suffer from deep depression, she's lucky and I am too. Cool blog, Boston rocks!

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