According to WWD  Lindsay Lohan is the face of the VISA SWAP campaign sponsored by VISA where you can donate your old clothes, have the value of them placed onto a VISA gift card then during  a specific week you can use this card on the second hand clothes others have donated during the weekend of July 19th. It’s supposed to be a move towards “Ethical” fashion as the clothes are being recycled. Items left over will be donated to TRAID that supports communities in developing countries by raising money by selling recycled clothing in its stores. 

Currently VISA SWAP is currently only in London, England but with Lindsay in the campaign if this swap is successful I bet it won’t be too long before it heads to this side of the Atlantic.


  1. Unwise Pedestrian

    That’s such a good idea! Though I’m willing to bet it never makes it to New Zealand 🙁

  2. This is a really cool idea–it doesn’t surprise me that Lohan is totally into it.

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