How unbelievable is that coat? MK never fails to amaze me with her style when she’s in Europe and her arrival at Milan International Airport this morning was no exception! 
How can she looks so stunning and glamorous after a direct flight to Italy from LA?!
I get on a plane in my VS PINK yellow sweats scrunched up, with flip flops and a too big men’s v-neck Hanes undershirt! 
She truly dresses.
Can anyone ID that amazing coat?!


  1. Love the coat, it really is amazing.I always make an effort when I fly but I also want my travel outfit to be comfortable. I find leggings and a big shirt or dress to be the best solution. You can easily move in it and still feel stylish.Anyway back to MK..I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing her in leather legging…they seem to be made for her! <3

  2. is this bitch posing? hah this is greatnever seen her.. acting like this

  3. her style is both effortless and calculated at the same time. i swear she smokes because it looks cool and i love her for it.

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