No, I’m not a tacky celebrity blog. Well. Not really. But I just love this video from last night in LA. Poor MK must have had a little bit too much to drink (well, hey! It was Thirsty Thursday!) because the poor little dear stumbles on her way to the car, gets in and then immediately falls back out onto the ground. But from what I can see of her outfit she didn’t stumble with that at all!


  1. aw she is so tiny and adorable! you’re right, it was a very graceful fall. poor little thing. hope she is alright though.

  2. unbelieveable !america gets nuts !it’s horrible to be a celebrity !what is the benefit to have a photo of that girl going in her car !america, wkaes up ! lolhy my friendit’s friday night, i am happy,i just wanted to share it and wish to blogs i like and the new blog i find nice a great week endcheers from ParisKamelstreet style romancer in ParisSTYLE AND THE CITY – PARIS

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