Last week the Olsens made a surprising announcement- they’re teaming up with BeachMint (the company behind Kate Bosworth’s popular JewelMint.Com) to launch StyleMint.Com in July.
StyleMint is an opt-out monthly subscription e-commerce site.
What the hell does that mean?
If you’re familiar with JewelMint or other sites like ShoeDazzle then you already know the concept.
When you join the site (signing up is free) you’ll take a quick personal style quiz that helps to generate your style profile. Each month a new collection arrives on the site and uses your style profile to make recommendations. If you like a style you can purchase it for $29.99.
Simple, right?
StyleMint will carry an exclusive t-shirt line by the twins that will change every month. Beginning in July the site will have eight styles available in multiple colors made from a cotton and modal blend. You’ll be able to post your recommendations and purchases to your Facebook or twitter accounts to get your friend’s opinions (a virtual dressing room!) and find exclusive Olsen content (such as video interviews or styling tips).
This is Ashley and MK’s fifth fashion line in nearly as many years and if the success of the previous four are any indication StyleMint is only going to grow right out of the gate!
Even though the site isn’t launching until July membership is limited so you’ll want to sign up now to ensure access!

(FYI: The links here bring you to my personal invite links for which I may gain membership points or shopping credits.)


  1. I'm interested to try this – I'm always hesitant to sign up for yet another email blast, but this could be cool…?

  2. Bostonista

    Hey Kristen,
    IDK how it will be with StyleMint but I never get any emails from JewelMint (unless it goes right into my junk email) so hopefully email blasts won't be an issue!

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