My absolute favorite look of the night had to be Rihanna in Elie Saab!
I was surprised by how much I loved this dress because I usually hate her style choices!
I love that it covered her all up to the neck but then she turned around and there was just an elegant flash of skin:
Of course I adored all of Gaga’s insane choices by Armani and the McQueen body suit that covered even her skull (her wig was sewn on!)
I thought she looked like a child’s idea of what a fallen star would look like once she landed on earth!


  1. Ohmigosh it's so weird what you said about Lady GaGa looking like a falling star! I instantly thought of “The Little Prince” when I saw her dress!! 🙂

  2. I agree. Lady Gaga looked amazing, the epitome of a star. I especially loved the shoes. Her feet looked like sparkly unicorns!

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