“I wish people would stop trying to make Sienna Miller happen.”
and that is pretty much how I feel every time I have to read an article about her.
On the other hand I do think she is blond, and pretty, and stylish enough so I don’t really mind pictures!
Thanks to ONTD & The Fashion Spot for the pictures!



  1. Sienna Miller's style has always appealed to me; but now I see just how striking she is. This editorial is gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Sienna Miller is undoubtedly stylish and gorgeous, but severely overrated. I'm so over the all-blonde covers and editorials of late (see my newest post about fashion mag “blonde-washing,” lol). Thank you, though, for mentioning this and sharing the pictures!

  3. she does have great style, but i totally agree that she's in the tabloids way too much and thus pretty annoying to read articles about..

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