It’s almost fashion week/season which means my favorite people on earth are getting ready to flirt with casting directors and bear some claws. 
Everyone’s favorite jumper, Caroline Trentini, sent out her show cards recently and they are absolutely beautiful. Marilyn did a really great job this season!
If I can’t have Gemma on the runway then Caroline is my favorite doll face.
Today was also the premiere of Vogue.Tv’s much hyped online model show Model.Live an actual legitimate look at the world of modeling and not some kind of lame contest. The show is sponsored by IMG so all three models that we’ll follow are new IMG girls and I think they picked 3 really interesting and different models. Austria is 16, English is her second language and she’ll be traveling the world with her mom. Cato, from Amsterdam, is ready to take everyone by storm and Madeline has been living & modeling in Australia for the past year but is making the transition onto the international stage this season. The first episode, although short and a little awkward, introduced the girls and their backgrounds while the IMG agents plotted how to use them for the upcoming season. It’s an honest, if not exciting, look at the industry and I’m excited to watch new episodes every week.


  1. Can't wait for fashion week!! Love Caroline's show card. Have to check out the Marylin show package right now.Thanks for the heads up about the model show, I almost forgot about it. >.<

  2. Bostonista

    Definitely watch it! I, honestly, had forgotten all about it too but then I got an email this morning and I was like YAY MODELS!xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for the vote, I really, really appreciate the support!! 🙂And thanks for the comment as well, you are a darling. I agree with you on both accounts:<>(1)<> dark hair + fedoras stand out more (I think blondes look sooo great with black headbands though, lucky!)<>(2)<> Caroline Trentini, I totally love her!! ♥

  4. you are more than welcome : )haha “getting ready to flirt with casting directors and bear some claws. “i have added you back : )

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