Agyness Deyn (AKA LAURA HOLLINS!) looking woefully out of place on the Rodarte catwalk.
I don’t get the obsession with her but I think it’s finally started to wane this season so far thank GOD. Blech. Her appearence very nearly ruined my favorite designer’s show! 
But I’ll get past it.


  1. Is there a video to this somewhere? I keep hearing negative reviews of her walk and I want to see for myself. I can’t imagine it being very good even though I’m a late Aggy convert.

  2. Bostonista

    I’ve been looking for a video because of Abbey Lee falling during the show and I found one from Style but so far its just backstage and not showing the actual show. I just don’t understand how her shoulders got so large! She looks like a man in drag compared to the lithe other models! My internet is being stupid and won’t let me embed it but here is the link:

  3. tHANK YOU!! i do not understand y ppl hav been fussing about her, i completly agree!!

  4. i actually thought this was a dude for a minute! i am a big fan of androgyny, but i agree that this is an awkward fit here.

  5. i hate her. in my fashion world she does not exist.

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