I’m sure that you’ve all seen these videos about a dozen times but I love them. I love Coco Rocha’s nerdy girlie voice and her mother and I love Phillipe. The best model driver in Paris.


And of course I adore that she went to judge this dance competition since she used to be an Irish Step Dancer. She remembers where she comes from and who she truly is outside of modeling. I love that. But the best part? Coco takes the subway. I’d scream and be such a fan girl if I saw Coco on the T but that will probably never happen. 

I guess I’ll have to move to NYC eventually (to fulfill all of my fashion editor dreams) but on the weekends I’ll be riding around on their subway looking for models.


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  1. it’s always so strange hearing models talk. interesting too, because you just don’t konw what they’re going to sound like. but thanks! now i can put a voice to the beautiful face of ms. coco rocha. :]

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