According to The Wall Street Journal Vogue and IMG Models have teamed up to create a reality web show, Model.Live,  featuring 3 recently signed IMG models as they navigate castings, model apartments, fashion weeks, and life away from home for the first time. 
I’m incredibly excited for the August 19th premiere and continues for 12, 8-minute episodes which really doesn’t seem enough to me! One of the things that I find so frustrating about fashion reality shows (which are so rarely real) is that it promotes falsities about the industry. And, unlike Tyra’s proteges, these girls have an actual shot at being top models in fact one of girls, Cato Van Ee, has already modeled for Prada and Miu Miu
The producers promise to face the dark issues of the industry head on including harsh casting directors, weight issues, and the general stress placed on the girls. Plus they’ve promised  that for any moment that can not be filmed (such as castings or meetings that won’t allow filming) the girls will blog about their experiences. Although scenes of underage drinking, smoking, and other controversial behavior prevalent in the industry may be censored to protect the girls from embarrassment which I suppose is polite and all but definitely removes from the reality. 
Still, I’m beyond excited for a show that actually reflects the way the modeling industry works! 
Model.Live premieres on August 19th on Vogue. TV and will also be “syndicated” to sites like Veoh.Com


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