A few years ago Heather Marks career couldn’t have been hotter she was getting high fashion runway moments and even walked (and looked stunning) at a Victoria’s Secret show.
But, seemingly without warning she basically disappeared.
She didn’t take an extended break (as far as I know) she just stopped getting high profile work.
She still got quite a bit of catalogue work and could even be found from time to time on the American Eagle website but her former glory seemed to elude her.
Was it because she looked too much like Stam? Did her party girl reputation get in the way of work? Did she gain some inches? What happened?
I don’t know. But what I do know is that she’s recently been getting some small editorial work and even landed herself the December 09 cover of Mexican Vogue.
Are we witnessing a rebirth?
(By the way I’m trying out a new way of posting pictures-thumbnails to an HQ link- what do you think? Thanks to Kokobombon at The Fashion Spot for this particular set. It is just a test. If it is successful then I’ll try to figure out how to do thumbnail/link sets myself!)



  1. Wow! She is absolutely stunning! I must admit, she does remind me quite a bit of Jessica Stam – though I don't think that should hold her or her career back!! 🙂

  2. I really do love this editorial. Heather Marks does some stunning modeling here. Happy New Year dear xox

  3. It is great to se Heather Marks getting some work.
    I always felt that Caroline Trentini has the career that Heather should have had!

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