It has been just over a year since Alexander McQueen’s suicide.
I still find it hard to believe.
His friend and protege, Sarah Burton has since taken over the helm at McQueen and with her third collection she has successfully fused her point of view with Lee’s vision. She’s carrying on with such dignity!
Perhaps this season is a little more light hearted than he would have done- I feel that he seemed much more interested in the sinister aspects of life although always with a twist of dark humor.
Of course, we’ll never know where he would have taken his line or where his genius would have led him.
But I think he would have been proud of this collection.
It was a madcap line of renaissance, dominatrix Eskimos and I loved it!
Inspired by the idea of an ice queen Burton used a limited color scheme with a mix of velvets, silks, and organzas. The flowing femininity was kept in check with flairs of fetishism and strong shapes. The fur detailing and metal headpieces added a touch of glamour.
All in all I think it was everything you want out of a winter collection!


  1. Great review and fabulous pictures. Burton has done a great job of continuing Lee's legacy whilst creating something new of her own. I feel this collection was wearable in a way that I didn't often see with Lee, but I did love the drama of his presentations. Thanks for sharing,

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