I know that the 90s are a big trend right now and I respect that.
Clueless, My So Called Life, Daria…whats not to like?
Angela Chase was my style icon for a good ten years; Add in my early love of Britney and you can picture my usual outfit: belly baring t-shirts (many had velvet elements), clunky black doc martin boots, oversized flannel button downs (unbuttoned of course) and jeans or some kind of ill-fitting skirt. And don’t forget my frizzy hair and braces. You get the idea. I even had a baby blue, velvet, belly baring t-shirt. I know.
I have only just recovered from this tragedy.
Why is Alexander Wang forcing me to re-live this?!
If you like velvet and have a tiny, toned tummy than you’ll love his FW 2010 collection. Otherwise you’re probably a little disappointed with the wonder kid.
I did really love the thigh highs and his take on the little black dress…
On a slightly unrelated note I couldn’t help but notice in the HQ shots of the show (particularly in the last one in the above set) that Natalia either didn’t bother to shave her legs or she’s got a case of lanugo. I’m choosing to believe that she’s so confidant and fabulous that she doesn’t feel the need to shave her legs!


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  1. Hm, I like the overall look of this, the colours and textures, but the individual pieces aren't screaming fall/winter at me, which kinda ruins it.

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