Couture week always makes me a bit giddy. 

Right now I’m pouring over pictures from this morning’s Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 08-09 collection. 
From the Gotham City homage set to the almost architectural structure of the dresses Karl seemed to have been inspired by an industrial muse. It’s a beautiful collection where even the most futuristic and innovated piece felt feminine and still a classic Chanel collection.
This collection is certainly more focused on the art of design and innovations in proportions, shapes, and use of fabrics than it is about being wearable. The last few Chanel Couture shows have been beautiful and amazing but they often seemed like Ready-To-Wear collections with a few Couture pieces. This felt more like an actual couture show. But it’s the attention to detail; the absolute perfection of the construction that made this collection fascinating. The head pieces framing some of the models faces as portraits and works of art was a truly genius step. It was the perfect encapsulation of fashion as art. 
So what didn’t I like? The Anna Wintour bob wigs! Karl’s used them for what? Three Chanel collections? Not to mention at least a season at Karl Largerfeld Collection! Is he aiming for a Vogue cover or something?
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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days! Now that it’s Couture Week I’ll try to be updating a few times a day but I can’t promise anything!


  1. oozing love for this post. agree about the busted hair. he was likely referencing Coco and her 1920s look.

  2. This is my favourite couture collection so far – but don’t you think it seems incredibly RTW? I could easily walk out of my house in one of those dresses without being stared at for being ridiculously overdressed.

  3. This reminds me a lot of what the Project Runway designers attempted to do in Season One when they were asked to create a look based on found objects. The white dress with the feathery hood–holy couture boner and the black dress with the winged silver back–gorgeous. Love the colors, love the collars, hate the wigs, but I do want to walk around with my face framed. Nice one, Karl.

  4. i think this is super beautiful; I especially love the face-framing. The gray dress with the rose hood? so lovely.That being said, I hate that red dress so very much! yuck.

  5. this just reminds me of how i dont like katie holmes and how ridiculous anna wintour looked at that new york gala with the alien shoulders/pockets

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