The only look that I liked at tonight’s Grammy’s wasn’t even on a rock star! Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller rocked this white and black mini dress and amazing necklace on the red carpet.  A lot of women might have paired this dress with white or black shoes but Marisa went with nude high heels. A nude shoe allows the leg to appear never ending and makes you look taller. A black or white shoe cuts you off at the ankle and can ruin the effect. The Grammy red carpet is more about sex appeal and bling than it is about class or glamour. Marisa looked lovely but youthful and fun. I have no idea why she was at the Grammy’s but thank goodness she was!
 Another “what are you doing there?!” star tonight was the embarrassingly over dressed (and so boring!) Kate Beckinsale. I believe in being true to yourself and having your own style but part of being stylish is knowing how to appropriately blend your style with the event. She looked like she was going to royal ball, not a rock-star filled party.

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  1. Yay for Marisa Miller’s frock – j’adore! And I agree with your thoughts about the nude shoe – it does make one look taller.

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