I don’t really have much of an opinion on this right now my Thursday was much too awesome to be thinking about other women’s careers. But here’s what NY Mag is reporting along with Fashion Week Daily:

Yes, it looks like she shan’t be unemployed much longer. According to Fashion Week Daily, Nina Garcia is thisclose to landing a major position at Marie Claire. So at last the puzzle has been completed! Let’s review its pieces, shall we? Garcia was spotted leaving the Hearst building earlier this month to frenzied speculation she might wind up at one of its titles. Garcia’s judgeship on Project Runway hangs in the balance since she’s no longer at Elle, which will sponsor the show through the next season, its last on Bravo. Marie Claire will reportedly take over as sponsor once the show moves to Lifetime, thus allowing Garcia to reign as queen bee to all things TV fashion. We can’t wait to see what she does with Marie Claire, since the title’s not exactly heralded for its fashion coverage. It will be similarly interesting to see what happens to Elle’s fashion coverage in Garcia’s absence. Now we just need to figure out how she’ll get that judge’s seat for the next season of Runway, airing this summer. Harvey Weinstein really wants her there, but if she’s not at Elle, can they make it happen? Okay, so maybe the puzzle’s almost completed. Gosh, this is like fashion Clue, isn’t it?

I’ve always liked Marie Claire; fashion forward or not they are at least becoming advocates for women and including articles about situations around the world that other magazines wouldn’t touch. I think Nina could only enhance the magazine. I don’t know about the Project Runway controversy. She could take a season off or they could find ways to work her into the challenges? What do you guys think about all this? https://w.atcontent.com/-/0KC6ts_KlXV/TheBostonista/0h0lAIBKkLx.text/Panel/Autocheck


  1. i actually don’t care all that much whether nina is a guest or not, at least if it is only one season. I mean, if we were talking about Tim, Heidi, or Michael I’d be more upset, but I’ve always felt a bit neutral towards Nina. Maybe that would change if she were gone for a season…

  2. jesse lynn

    nina is actually a total bitch when judging on project runway, i think. thats why i like her! and project runway on lifetime???!!! what!! i thought they only had room for dramas about women killing their husbands!!

  3. I’m just afraid that PR will go downhill in a number of ways after this odd transition. I just fear change in general so I’d like to see Nina stay. They need someone like her. Though she is kind of harsh I really do feel like she cares about the designers and what they put on the runway. Also, I like Marie Claire–very non-pretentious.

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