The ads for Dior’s Shanghai collection (titled Shanghai Dreamers) have been released and they’re causing a bit of a stir.
Both Jezebel and Shanghaiist have pointed out that while the (unsmiling) white models are clad in the collection the Chinese models have been cloned- in smiling, happy conformity around them.
The photographs are beautiful but left me with a lot of uncomfortable questions.
Is it a commentary on the oppression of communism? And if it is- why are the models who stand out primarily Caucasian? Wouldn’t it be better to feature a Chinese model standing out in the couture? Are the “Shanghai Dreamers” Chinese women dreaming of standing out-by being white?
Or are we reading too much into it? Are we too sensitive? Should we just take the “Shanghai Dreamers” photographs as beautiful and leave it at that?


  1. Bostonista

    Oh I completely agree! I actually think they're pretty great but I understand the controversy as well. I guess I see both sides of the argument.

    PS: lets exchange links!

  2. I think these ads definitely present a double-edged sword. We Westerners may be poking fun at Eastern conformity, but with the way women and girls are treated in communist China… unfortunately, there's little to joke about. Still, the fashion industry often courts controversy, so while thought-provoking, this is really nothing new.

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