To kick off my Best Dressed list I thought I’d start with the most eccentric of my favorites this year: Vogue Nippon’s Fashion Director at Large- Anna Dello Russo!
From her Gaga-esque day outfits to her outrageous interviews 2010 was the year that Anna stepped onto the fashion world stage.
While her nearly daily presence on numerous street style blogs caught my eye it wasn’t until she showed up at Paris Vogue’s anniversary party in September where she wore customized Pucci with a Gareth Pugh head piece and lace mask that I was truly captivated.
Since that moment I’ve breathlessly followed her every outfit and fallen in love with her irreverent take on the fashion world. While some find her blatant self-promotion and excessive lifestyle a bit hard to swallow in this economic climate I think she provides the perfect form of escape! Fashion needs its over-the-top characters and so does the world- to add color, beauty and the unexpected! Rather than finding her 4,000 pairs of shoes or multiple clothing changes a day obnoxious I’m simply enchanted!
From Balmain minis to sleek Celine suits Anna manages to make even the most outrageous (or mundane) pieces hit the perfect note.
How could I not include my professional idol on this list? Besides, Anna’s infamous second apartment to house just her current season pieces seems a little bit like heaven on Earth!

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