Blonde Hair Care, Keeping Up with the Blonde
When I returned to Boston from two weeks in the Florida sun last month, my beautiful blond hair was fried. Not to be entirely unexpected of course as the sun can do as much damage to hair follicles as it can to skin.  Color treated hair like mine is especially vulnerable to it’s harmful rays and too much direct sunlight can actually alter the color but I’ve learned how to protect and treat it. So my first stop as soon as I got home was back to Mitchell John Salon for a quick glaze and blowout.While I was there, color specialist Meghan, gave me a few tips for maintaining blond hair year round:

First, when you’re in the shower don’t pile hair on top of your head while you shampoo. It can cause breakage and snarls. Apply conditioner and then comb it through wet hair so it’s applied evenly from root to tip. Meghan recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo that is also moisturizing like Living Proof’s Restore shampoo and conditioner. 
Once a week, use a deep conditioning treatment to help prevent dry ends.
Don’t shampoo every day! Even if you don’t have chemically treated hair it’s important to let hairs natural oils do their work and they can’t if hair is washed daily. I usually only shampoo two or three times a week. Dry shampoos and primer products can help keep hair feeling clean and looking great in between washes. 
Halfway between color or highlight appointments schedule a glaze. It will increase shine, enhance tone and enrich the color. I also find that it keeps my hair feeling soft and manageable. Also, make sure to get regular trims to keep hair healthy even if you’re growing it!

Give your hair a rest! Don’t blow dry or flat iron it every day (I’ve found that a good blow out should last three or four days anyway). Instead, sleep with a loose braid to wake up with pretty waves or borrow a tip from style bloggers and rock a messy top knot. 
Finally, in the sun, cover hair with a hat or scarf to protect it from UV rays. 
Follow these tips with some regularity and you’ll keep your hair beautiful and healthy.


  1. omg I want blonde hair like that too!! It's so beautiful <3 But my hair can't handle the bleach so I think it will fall off when I try to make it that blond haha


  2. Jaime @ La vie...J&apos;aime

    I need to get some UV hairspray or something – not only for my color but for my scalp…got burned this past weekend, ouch!

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