No surprise here but one of the best dressed celebrities from tonight’s Met Gala was Camilla Belle in Armani. She doesn’t work with a stylist and always slams dunk her fashion. Plus, she’s just absolutely stunning. 
She looks like a super hero mermaid to me. 
One of my favorite stories of the night comes from Women’s Wear Daily: When asked who his favorite super hero is Karl Lagerfeld replied, “Myself.”
BTW Mr. Lagerfeld can be heard in the new Grand Theft Auto as the voice of one of the radio stations! I actually have a lot of fun with those games so I’m excited to hear Uncle Karl in his video game debut.


  1. aw, she’s stunning.look at the woman in the background of the second picture. unfortunately for her, she has been immortalized as the super-hero-mermaid gone terribly bad!

  2. oh, karl.i love cb! can just anyone work that shade of blue? nope. but homegirl can.

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