Carolina must be looking for a (slightly) younger client this season by trying out some sexier silhouettes. Some of the looks were not shown off in the best ways- they seemed to be ill-fitting on some of the models. Even slightly off balance on the girl’s shoulders.
But as always the seasoned designer shines brightest when she’s crafting lady-like day wear and show stopping red carpet wear.


  1. I agree she is reached for something, and I did like the last piece but the remainder of the coll for the most part did nothing for me – at least previously, I could say the stuff was old-school dreamy, now, I do not know. But I have learned that when it cmoes to turn-about, it can take a couple of seasons to figure out what the new message is. I can only hope it as well carved and defined as her prev. one because she never waivered and should be applauded for this reliability in a market which would change course in a split second if they thought it would make a dime…

  2. I like the 2nd look and the dress is gorgeous. I associate CH with red carpet- perhaps she is trying to branch into RTW, day to day.

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