I’ve been aware of the British TV show Skins for quite a while now but I hadn’t watched it until yesterday when I was sucked in to a marathon of the teen drama on BBC America.
I loved it! It’s not Gossip Girl but it is far superior to other teen shows plus I found a new muse with character Cassie Ainsworth’s style (played, and styled, by Hannah Murray)!
From Victorian-era lace and broaches, sailor vests, and minidresses with layers of thigh highs and tights Cassie has an eccentric sense of style.
How can you add even more drama to a stay in a psychiatric ward? Why with a big straw hat, white Warhol shades, and sheer red lipstick of course!
Serious conversation? A lingerie top with leopard print tights may not seem like the obvious choice but you’re sure to have the upper hand.
Need to make a dramatic entrance? When we first met Cassie she was decked out in a gold shift dress with a men’s tuxedo jacket complete with long tails- just fabulous!
Pull out all your lace pieces, school boy blazers, ripped jeans, eclectic screen-printed tees, and flapper style headbands and long length gloves, please!
I think we should all just mix some mod with some bohemian just like Cassie only lets try to avoid the self-destructive behavior okay?



  1. Anonymous

    btw, that skins marathon was imcomplete. some of the best episodes were left out. and the third season is amazing too. I dont see how an american show could compete especially something called gossip girl

  2. Anonymous

    Im watchin bbca now. even though it says season three premiers this week, you can watch the episodes online because it was in britain forever ago.

  3. Ohmygod I love, love, LOVE Cassie! Of all the Skins characters, she is definitely my favorite. Beautiful, funny, fashionable, and a whole lot of weird.

  4. I love cassieeee! I can realte to her in so many ways I cant even write them all.

    Shes amazing.' Oh woow'

  5. I feel like MTV tried to Americanize this show and failed miserably. I don't know why we don't just buy the rights to the BBC shows, or show them on BBC America, as opposed to hiring American actors and filming in American cities with the EXACT SAME PLOTS as the British versions (you know, the originals). Hello, The Office? Coupling? Being Human???

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