I don’t often associate Chanel with fake fur (or fake anything for that matter) so I was shocked when I read that Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection was full of faux fur!
Despite the fake fur the collection was much closer to couture than the ready-to-wear it claimed to be! Sticking to a mostly brown, white (oh how I love Chanel white dresses…) and black the Chanel client will be ready for primal, if not decadent, arctic living come fall.
And are these Chanel bags made to look like ice? LOVE!
You guys know that Karl is practically my god and I too would sell my soul to him to be a Chanel Ambassador so I really have nothing bad to say about this collection.


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  1. La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix

    You picked out all of the good pictures! haha… I think it's good that Karl used faux fur in this collection but it's a little contradictory when he had a humongous ice block shipped from Scandinavia… I'm sure there's a polar bear drifting in the ocean with no where to go. 🙁

    Check out my review of the collection on Spa Week Daily..


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