The mood was somber but beautiful at Chanel.
Karl Lagerfeld has created and re-created the Chanel suit again and again since he became creative director back in the 80s.
This time around he tweaked proportions but the real beauty came from the use of rich, embroidered fabrics, crystals, and jeweled buttons.

Of course the peplum skirt style is nearly impossible to wear.
But if you’re a couture client you’re obviously having things fit and made to your specifications so I guess that easily overcomes my peplum problem.
Other than the fabrics this didn’t exactly feel like a couture collection and part of that can probably be accounted to Karl’s “tripartite” looks. A business suit that turns into both a long gown and a strapless cocktail dress is just one example. So many options for each piece is great versatility its just usually found in ready-to-wear.
Don’t worry the drama of Chanel couture was still present in the veiled eyes of the models…
….and the robot Coco on top of the set.

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