I’ve been feeling super uninspired and unimpressed lately about everything, including fashion. I guess I’m in a mood. But one of the best people to pull you out of a sartorial rut?
Chloe Sevigny
Enjoy some beautiful photos of her in Liberation Next France!
(Aren’t those shoes beautiful?!)
I also love these shots from Le Vif L’Express Weekend:
I would like to be able to wear lace booty shorts and look that amazing.
Or at least be able to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble.
Alas, neither are possible for me. 
Right now at least.
I’m off to lay on my floor, surrounded by fashion magazines, listening to Duffy in the dark.
It will be very fabulous. 



  1. Chloe is always inspiring to me. She can wear any outfit or uniform and it totally looks like her style because she makes it her style. I love the checkered cigarette high waisted pant with those shoes—-I’d like to recycle that look.

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