I know things have been bad at the house of Dior this year but I don’t think having Pierrot for inspiration is going to help turn things around.
Former longtime Galliano assistant Bill Gaytten was given the reins for Dior’s first couture collection in 16 years without John and it was….disjointed at best.
I guess after 15 years of being second in command you get a lot of ideas that get pushed aside (or never even considered) that suddenly being in charge seems like such a miracle you want to realize all of those ideas all at once just in case its your only chance.
Besides the tragic clown Bohemia, the eighties, Cinderella, Frank Gehry, and disco all took turns down the catwalk. It would be hard to top Galliano’s over the top couture spectacles and Gaytten would have been better off not trying.
Don’t get me wrong there is some stunning craftsmanship and beautiful pieces here. It just wasn’t the breath of fresh air or sophistication that Dior desperately needs now.
(Is that a tribal necklace? Why has it been paired with this frothy confection?!)

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  1. I agree – it wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing. That first shot looks like Creulla!

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