I have to admit: I rolled my eyes when I saw that John Galliano’s inspiration for Dior’s HC F/W 10.11 was flowers. Flowers? Really? It just seems like such an easy, cop-out of a source of inspiration. Especially since for the past few years Dior has been toeing the line between tacky and tragic.
But leave it to Galliano to surprise me only after I’ve written him off!
Don’t get me wrong- there is still nothing truly innovative here. The shapes, cuts and fabrics are basically the same old same old.
And yet…
I love the clashing colors and the bizarre cellophane masks. The girls truly could be blooming flowers in Wonderland- beautiful but taunting.
The styling is as tacky as always and the showmanship of days gone by is still missing but I think this is a baby step back into the right direction.
Click the thumbnails to see my favorite looks…

Thanks to Now Fashion for the pictures!


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  1. La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix

    I like it.. Don't mind the inspiration being flowers. It's simple and takes us away from the “grungy avante garde” movement and back to demure, dainty and lady like.


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