Please help me welcome guest blogger, Michael Tornato of The Trendy Dwarf, to Bostonista!
Michael, along with Jessica Richards, helped me out when I had to cancel my trip down to New York at the last minute for fashion week by covering the shows for me!
Christian Siriano’s collection was nothing like his previous collections. 
This one was very muted and elegant while his previous collections are full of patterns. I heard some people outside of the show debating whether this was a good thing or not. 
(Bostonista: Personally, this leather jacket with pink dress is my favorite look from this collection!)

Personally, I love the collection. It is a break from what we typically see from Siriano. From a commercial point of view it is very easy to sell to buyers and people. I wonder what his inspiration was this season? Overall…this was a very solid collection by Christian Siriano!


  1. I love this collection! And yeah, the pink skirt and the leather jacket is sort of the ne plus ultra of ballerina tough. We've seen that look a hundred times, and yet it Siriano's hands, it looks fresh.

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