Last Tuesday, Clarins Paris invited media out to Bloomingdales to preview the latest incarnation of their Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate.
(New Double Serum Display at Bloomingdales)
I still struggle with keeping my skin clear so even though I’m 27 I don’t often think about “age prevention” products. 
Anyway, now that I’m STARTING to think about my possible future wrinkles I’m a little freaked out. According to Clarins’ scientists skin’s regeneration system beings to break down at age 25. So I guess I’m two years behind! Oops!
One of the things that I love about Clarins (besides their nature based philosophy and the Courtin-Clarins girls) is that rather than introducing new products to the market they just continually improve on their already popular products.
 If you’re thinking “But wait, I’ve used Double Serum before! It’s not new!” You’re partially right. They’ve built onto their 27 years of Double Serum to release a version that is even better than before! 
(Revolutionary Double Chamber & Pump Design)
Double Serum, so called because of the super cool double chamber and pump system that allows you to get the right amount of 2 serums that would otherwise not blend, mimics skin’s natural water and oil balance to provide optimal absorption. 
Clarins’ claims that Double Serum is the only treatment available that boosts and reactivates skin’s 5 vital functions including Hydration, Oxygenation, and Regeneration for your best skin. In their tests, it was on par with Retin-A! 
But does it work? I have to admit when I read that the results were similar to Retin-A I freaked out a little bit. I’ve had the prescription stuff and it made my skin burn, flake and impossibly dry. Despite all of those side effects, I still managed to have acne. So I was a little weary of slathering Double Serum on my face twice a day. 
(Testing out the latest Clarins’ products at Bloomingdales)
Happily, unlike the chemical heavy Retin-A, Clarins is all about using plant extracts and Double Serum’s green banana, lemon thyme, hops and avocado means there was no burning or redness! I’ve been using Double Serum at bedtime (I only use it once a day because I’m still nervous about breakouts) for 10 days and I’ve already seen an improvement in my skin’s firmness and overall tone. I haven’t seen an increase in breakouts yet either so I think using it as my nighttime moisturizer is the best routine for me! 
Mommy Dearest also bought herself a bottle after a trip to the Clarins’ Spa and has been using it twice a day. Her skin is much dryer than mine and she is thrilled with the results. I take this to mean that Double Serum really is made for all ages and skin types! 
If I could only do something about the bags under my eyes I’d be practically perfect. 
(My BBF Scorpion/Disco learns to tap product into skin rather than rub! Don’t you love her new J.Crew bag?)

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