And now for the questionable fashion choices of the evening!
I was surprised that Diane Von Furstenberg was the only woman to go the stars and stripes route but I have to say that I think she pulled it off really well!
Karlie Kloss looks amazing in purple but it looks like a suburban prom dress. Then again she probably didn’t get to go to her prom so that makes sense…
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Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler. I think I would have liked this with different makeup and hair. She just looks so washed out! I don’t know I just can’t decide if I hate or love the actual dress.
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Tina Fey in YSL. A lot of people hated this but I actually really like it. She doesn’t look good in formal gowns and this jumpsuit just suits her personality. I think she looks sexy!


  1. Bostonista

    I think DIane was making a nod more towards the America spirit and using that iconology! I was truly surprised that there weren't more red, white & blue and stars and stripes!

  2. Katy Perry's gown was cra-zay-zay, but I liked it! And DVF can do no wrong. She IS girl power. I liked Tina Fey's jumpsuit but not her makeup… she looks just a little TOO fierce for her.

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