I was at CVS yesterday looking for makeup wedges (I like to blend a lot). Anyway, I noticed that the Cover Girl Trublend makeup was buy one, get one free. Normally, I try to stay away from drug store brands for things like powder, foundation, and concealer but I needed a new powder and with funds low I figured, Why not? Besides, I think we can all agree that Drew Barrymore has never looked as good as she does in those Cover Girl commercials.

I picked up the Trublend Naturally Luminous Loose Powder (with minerals!) and chose the TruBlend liquid makeup as my freebie.

The liquid makeup was both incredibly sheer and heavy at the same time when I brushed it over my skin. It took twice as much as my usual MAC/Lancome routine just to feel like I had coverage. Even then, feeling like I had a ton of foundation on, the flaws I was trying to hide were poking their way out. Plus, the formula felt so oily and my skin felt grubby with it on! So not cool. I guess if you already have perfect skin and want to look super natural than this liquid foundation would be perfect. But if you had the perfect skin than you wouldn’t need this to begin with, right? You certainly wouldn’t want to take the chance of ruining your perfect skin by clogging your pores with this makeup!

I left it on and went out for a while but I managed to feel like my face was both naked and way too over done at the same time.

Today, I did my usual makeup routine but instead of reaching for the last of my MAC powder I tried out the TruBlend powder. Much better experience this time! It blended really well with my other makeup and felt really clean and light while still giving a nice finished, polished look. I’m not sure I would wear it entirely alone (like I can do with the MAC powder) because even though it’s in the lightest shade Cover Girl makes it might still be just a shade too dark for my skin. But it goes on sheer enough with a large brush and is so soft that it might actually work in the summer when you want your routine to be super easy.

Final verdict? Drew can think airbrushing, digital editing, and a team of professional makeup artists for her look in the commercials. (But we knew that already.) Pass on the liquid makeup it doesn’t provide coverage and since its not oil-free it will only be havoc for your skin. The mineral powder wouldn’t be my first choice but it does the job in a cinch and gives your skin a soft, clean looking finish.

Head over to a CVS store for the Buy 1, Get 1 Free on nearly all Cover Girl products. The offer doesn’t seem to extend to the website but all the Cover Girl products there seem to be 20% off right now. https://w.atcontent.com/-/3G_MZIW5MFq/TheBostonista/1YoZaYLjHJU.text/Panel/Autocheck

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  1. I was actually wondering about this foundation so thanks for the heads up. Drew already has the most perfect skin in the world so I don’t trust any foundation she would wear. CG can be a little tricky but their Aqua Smooth foundation has been my staple for the past couple years. The coverage is great and it goes on smoothly. It doesn’t make me break out and it even lightens the circles under my eyes. I think that’s their greatest foundation.

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