John Galliano pulled out all the glamorous stops at Dior Couture. The collection was a study in regal contrasts with nods to French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the New Look, lady-like charm and Galliano’s own love of the perverse. 

The fifties dance dresses in pastels and muted grays were familiar silhouettes with interesting, modern details like the very sheer skirts and matching fetish heels.

At first I thought this was the perfect collection. I thought it had been designed just for me in my dreams. But the more I looked at it the less inspired I felt by it. It’s beautiful but I lost interest very quickly.  It’s an unexpected look from Galliano this classic, safe, pretty idea and maybe that’s why I was so charmed at first? But getting past the Galliano idea it’s pretty much your average, expected couture show. What do you think?


  1. I think it is definitely very pretty. I actually thought the first two images were dolls dressed up in mini-couture. It’s really nice to look at, but it also seems comfortable.

  2. perhaps Johnny just wanted to create something classic and beautiful with very little surprise. all the attitude is in the face, eyebrows, makeup, etc. of the models on this runway. diva in a pretty dress. i love the collection.

  3. Anonymous

    I hate the makeup and eyebrows. Way too drag queen for me. But then again John’s a little drag queen even in mens clothes.

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