It was hard to ignore the French haughtiness of the confectionary-like gowns that swept down the Dior runway. It was as if John Galliano said, “Let them eat cake!” in response to questions of global economic meltdown.

Still, it was beautiful but dull at Dior.

Maybe if another designer had done this collection it would be hailed for its construction and patterns but I think we hold John Galliano to a higher standard. ┬áHe didn’t do anything new but I did feel more of an emotional reaction to this collection than anything he did last year. Still, it feels like Galliano, when at his peak at Dior from 2001-2004, used to be able to take an array of inspirations to their most extreme and decadent and whip them into a fascinating, coherent collection. The Galliano flair and kitsch just seems to be missing for me.
Of course he is still a master courtier and Stephen Jones fantastical hats were amazing!
The influence of Dutch artist Vermeer was clear in the beautiful yellows and blues throughout and continued with more seventeenth century references such as paper scroll hips, cross-lace corsets, and elaborate collars. I especially liked the Delft porcelain prints on the sumptuous fabrics. Once or twice I even thought, “THAT is the dress Michelle Obama should have worn!”
Wouldn’t that dress have been just divine on Michelle Obama? It seems like a modern take on Colonial Virginia to me.


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