This is over priced and silly. Don’t bother. Stick with AA and Hue!

LINDSAY LOHAN’s leggings are getting closer to store shelves!

ET has learned that the starlet’s new line, named “6126” after MARILYN MONROE’s birth date, has been picked up at L.A.’s posh Fred Segal boutique and online retailer and will start shipping around August 30th, “6126” LLC partner KRISTI KAYLOR says.

Last month, Lindsay caused a frenzy in Beverly Hills when she and two models posed for publicity shots wearing the pieces. (See the finished pic above!)

So far, the “6126” collection includes “footless tights” made from “Supima cotton and Modal ribbed knits” along with other fabrics spruced up with zippers, foil prints, yarn dyes and sexy metallic and screen prints.

Cashmere leg warmers and something called an “ankle glove,” a modified warmer that covers the ankle, are also part of the line, which will start at $40 and go up to $140.


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  1. Mrs. Bostonista

    Sorry Lo, you will never be Marilyn and you will never get me to buy $140 leggings or something callled an “ankle glove.”

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