You guys know that I’m a blowout addict, right? I blame my thick, coarse hair and Lauren Santo Domingo. As such, I’ve been to every blow dry only salon in the Boston area at least once.  I know a good blowout when I see one. I did not feel like dealing with my hair on Monday, so I made my first appointment at Drybar Boston!
Founded by Alli Webb, Drybar is one of the original blowout salons and probably the biggest chain with more than 30 salons currently open in the US. My expectations were high going in and, I have to admit, were far exceeded! Located off of Newbury on Clarendon, the sleek glass and stone exterior exudes the best of Boston charm with a bit of California sunshine, thanks to their signature buttercup yellow hairdryers.

The girls here are super friendly and helpful, offering snacks and beverages (including wine and champagne) while you wait. I didn’t mention being a blogger so it’s fair to assume that everyone is treated this warmly during their appointments. After just a minute, I was whisked up stairs by my stylist where we discussed what I wanted (a classic, smooth but bouncy blowout) and then headed down to the super comfortable sinks.  After a vigorous shampoo, which smells like vanilla, we headed back upstairs to the bar.

(I’m a dork and forgot to snap a picture immediately after my appointment. But my hair still looks pretty damn good 4 days later, doesn’t it?)

In terms of design, I think Drybar is the most sophisticated space for blowouts in the city. The giant windows let a lot of light in and, since its spread over four floors, there is plenty of room to relax. I loved sitting at the marble-topped bar, watching chick flicks (Dirty Dancing!) while my stylist worked her magic. Even my lion’s mane didn’t phase her and I somehow managed to be back out on the street in under forty-five minutes!

But the best part? It’s five days later and my hair is as bouncy and smooth as Monday evening.


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