I’m finally in New York for fashion week and it’s been a crazy day.
I know I’m in the city that never sleeps but I’m one blogger who sleeps a lot.
My first show of the season was Edun and while I loved the collection, I have to admit I was a bit distracted by Anna Dello Russo and Kate Lanphear in the front row. 
How does Kate keep her hair so bleached blond and how does Anna balance herself so well in those precarious heels?
Unfortunately, after 6 shows and lots of street shooting, I returned to my hotel to find that my camera had mysteriously lost all 935 pictures that I had taken today. 
Not happy! 
Edun is probably best known for being partly founded by Bono as a creative, formidable fashion label that strives to source an increasing percentage of its fabric from Africa every season. In addition, many styles are manufactured there to help provide income and continue the traditional craftsmanship within Africa. 
The Edun girl is a familiar one; your sporty friend who manages to always look sophisticated even when she’s running late and just jumping out of bed. 

I loved how designer Ali Hewson grounded florals together with utilitarian straps and dark colors with this parachute dress and fatigue inspired bralette.

Unusual for a spring collection (but certainly appreciated by us New Englanders!) was this navy heavy twill and denim mix parka. Designers are usually focused on the warm weather for spring but lets face it: These clothes are in stores in February and we’re lucky to reach sixty in May! 

I don’t usually like military greens and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed orange but paired together at Edun today and I swooned. Seriously. I almost dropped my camera. (Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had…)

I thought this was a buttery leather jacket but it is (cleverly) a double face cotton jacket.
One of the most versatile collections, many of the items that appeared to be dresses are actually separates so you can mix and match to your wild hearts content!
But, by far, my most favorite look from Edun came in the form of washed silk dress.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of the fluid movement and surprisingly popping colors as the model rounded the turns of the runway. No, I wouldn’t wear it open with a strap halter bra but I would button it up (just a bit) and flounce around the city in it every chance I got!
Thank you to everyone at Edun, MHT Productions and BPCM! 


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