Elle Fanning is following in her big sister’s footsteps once again! You may remember Dakota Fanning starring in Marc’s ads back when she was just 12 and she’s currently the face of Marc’s Oh Lola perfume.
13-year-old Elle is posing for the more age appropriate Marc by Marc Jacobs line’s fall campaign. Elle is already 5’7″ and still growing so in the unlikely event that the whole acting thing doesn’t continue to work out she’ll always be able to fall back on modeling!
What do you think of Elle’s first official foray into the fashion world?
Do you like it better than Hailee for Miu Miu?



  1. It is a little weird that they are so young (what 13/14 year old can afford these clothes). But if it leads to age appropriate dressing then I am all for it. The girls are both beautiful! But it might be nice if they countered with some older models, as well. And by older, I don't mean 20.

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