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The always ethereal Erin Fetherston has a limited edition collection for Sasha Primak jewelry of pendants, rings, bracelets, and, most importantly, tiaras that debuted with her Fall 08 collection back in February. An extension of her love headbands and whimsy tiaras seems like the logical next step in the Erin Fetherston story. The pieces are 18-kt gold with moonstones, diamonds, and enamel flowers that are so delicate they can actually sway with your hair in the breeze. 

If you think tiaras are one designer trend you’d be wrong; Chameleon Michelle Jank also showed inspired diamond and crystal tiaras for Fall 08 at Australian Fashion Week. 
And of course Roberto Cavalli’s beauty queen crowns on Lily Donaldson and Ali Stephens in Milan can’t be ignored…

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The tiara is a natural progression of the embellished headband trend and what girl doesn’t want to be a princess every once in a while? While I think the Cavalli approach might be a little bit too much for, um, anyone who isn’t actual royalty, Erin Fetherston’s delicate flower designs can be worn as gracefully as any headband. But remember tiaras work best when paired with jeans and flats…no one wants a high maintenance princess on their hands!


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  1. When I get married, I’m definitely not dealing with a veil covering my face & crap. But I definitely want to rock a beautiful, flower-embellished tiara.

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