Archaeologists recently discovered this 2,000 year old earring under a parking lot in Jerusalem and literally jumped out of the excavation site yelling EUREKA! 
Apparently there was a destroyed Byzantine structure under this old parking lot but they believe that the earring is even older than the ruins and that it had been passed down in a family for generations! In fact, it’s actually believed to be a piece from the Roman Empire era because jewelry had usually been melted down and/or sold during the many takeovers of the city after the demise of the Roman Empire. 
It’s made of gold, a giant pearl, two emeralds and two smaller pearls. In the statement that was released along with the photograph the archaeologists expressed amazement at just how well preserved the earring had been after all this time. 

Can you imagine if they found the matching earring? I hope that they will be able to archive this and have it on display and maybe tour it with an exhibit. It’s such an amazing piece not only in terms of jewelry but in the context of history. I’m sure it has such a story to tell and I hope we’re able to hear it someday.


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