(Clarin’s Christopher Truffa, shows off the latest eye colors)

Last week, I was invited to a media preview of Clarin’s latest skincare and beauty offerings at Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill.

Our very own Bloomies is home to one of Clarin’s magnificent spas, and it’s the only one in the country with both skincare and body treatments available. 
Back during NYFW I stopped by Clarin’s Beauty Lounge at the Empire Hotel and was able to indulge in a little pampering. I was also introduced to their most popular product around the world, Beauty Flash Balm. It was life changing. I’ve been using it twice a day ever since!
They also introduced us to the Courtin-Clarins girl’s new “Beauty Flash Blog”, an amazing beauty resource for women around the world!

Back at Chestnut Hill, Clarin’s head makeup artist, Christopher Truffa, explained the body’s lymphatic system and its importance in maintaining youthful looking, healthy skin. He also showed us the proper way to apply skincare products in order to encourage the lymphatic system to better do its job! For example, take some of your Beauty Flash Balm, warm it up on your palms, and then apply by patting it on skin in a lifting, upward motion. You’ll immediately feel, and look, more awake!

Clarin’s believes in using products as a “lighting director” for women. Their “Instant Light Brush On Perfector” uses different colors of light reflectors to to illuminate skin so it camouflages imperfections and looks great in any light environment.  Brushing it on the spots where light hits your face, like your brow’s arch, draws the eye to your best spots and away from blemishes.

Next, Christopher showed us the best way to create the elusive, perfect smoky eye for evening. He made it look so effortless! Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a steady enough hand to re-create it on myself but their new 3-Dot Eyeliner is made to be so easy that maybe even I could make a straight line for once!

Finally, they gave us all a giant bag full of Clarin’s best goodies! It’s only been a few days but already my skin is feeling, and looking, so much better!

Thank you to Christopher, Nassima and Ty for the wonderful evening! 



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