A few weeks ago, I attended Neiman Marcus’ Fall Press Preview over at Copley Place. 
They ran us media types through their big fall trends (Navy is the New Neutral! The Leather Leg!) while tempting us with breakfast treats.
(I was terrified that I’d knock over someones glass and end up spilling yogurt all over a Valentino!) 
Luckily, I kept my clumsy side at home and became engrossed in their presentation. 
I’ve been putting off posting it because I don’t want summer to be over but with today’s temperatures and September just days away, I guess it’s time for me to embrace my autumn side!
Here are some of my favorite pieces and what I’m loving the most for this fall!
Mixed Greens:
Every shade of green is in this season especially when you mix the tones together in unexpected ways.
I love how they styled her coat by adding costume broaches (in green of course!) to the back.

Borrowed from the Boys:
Menswear-inspired outfits continue to dominate in the most stylish closets. This fall, it’s less about pantsuits and more about amazing tailoring and strong shapes in rich, masculine materials like tweed and leather.

The Smoking Slipper:
Finally, make sure to add in a smoking slipper to all of your outfits. After all, they’re chic and super comfortable.
I’m saving up my pennies for this lovely pair of Miu Mius! They have rhinestone heels!
Looking at all these pieces makes me think that maybe Fall isn’t that bad. 



  1. I went to a couple of fall events and Neiman's and the fashions are so fun! I can't wait for fall!! Love the smoking slipper.

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