Back in August, I received an awesome surprise from Evo, an Australian haircare line that recently launched here in the US.
They had heard all about my frizzy problems and sent their line, The Therapist, as well as some smoothing extras to help. 
Now that I’ve been using their products pretty much exclusively for the past two months, I thought it was time to share my Evo experiences with you.

The first three products are for calming and conditioning frizz into silky smooth hair. 
Has my hair changed dramatically? No. I’d need a full hair transplant for that to happen.
Is it 10 times softer than it has ever been? Yes. Together, The Therapist shampoo and conditioner work well to keep hair smooth and soft. I have to say that I don’t always feel that the shampoo has cleaned my hair and scalp as thoroughly as I would like, probably because it is sulfate-free and therefore doesn’t lather the way a traditional shampoo does. To make up for it, I have been using a clarifying shampoo once a week. But Evo’s The Therapist shampoo does help make hair stronger and healthier by adding protein to each strand. I’ve seen a significant amount of less breakage and that is always a good thing!
Twice a week, I’ve been using Evo’s Great Hydrator a deep conditioning masque that has done wonders for my hair’s health. Split ends? A thing of the past. The formula is thick, unlike many hair masks I’ve tried in the past, so a little goes a long way. You won’t mind waiting the five minutes before you rinse it out, because Evo’s hilarious and entertaining bottles will keep you smiling every morning! 
Normally, I hate vanilla-scented products but The Therapist only has a hint of the girlie-sweetness and once your hair dries it just smells wonderfully clean. 
Once you’re out of the shower, Evo’s “Easy Tiger” smoothing fluid preps and protects hair for heat styling which is good because while I try not to use my blowdryer I do wait until my hair is about 90% dry and then flat iron it. Twice a week. Sometimes more. Yikes. While Easy Tiger is called a fluid it is definitely a balm so it can feel a little greasy during application. It also keeps hair tame once it’s dry. 
I finish off my hair with “Love Touch” which must have gotten it’s title because once you put it on you’ll love touching your hair! It transforms dry, dull hair into pretty, manageable hair. It is very lightweight so hair never feels sticky, but if you have thick hair like mine you’ll probably need to use more than you expect. Bonus? It smells amazing and leaves hair extra glossy.
Overall, I’m loving my experience with Evo and I’m planning on trying out more of their products especially their Water Killer Dry Shampoo!
(Thanks to Evo and Moxie Agency!)


  1. Kara your reviews are always so thorough and honest, that's why I really trust the products you recommend!

    Though I'm not sure these products would be exactly right for my hair (let's face it, I deal with a whole different level of frizz lol) I would definitely pass friends off to this post for reference!

    See you Thursday xo

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