(My Papa & Nana in the 60s)
As I shared with you all last week my Nana passed away on March 24th.
Even though she was 93 years old- I was shocked and am still completely devastated.
Today, I stopped by the Longchamp store on Newbury St., to find something to lug my laptop around in.
I bought a Le Pliage (I know, I know, I remember my rampage about them too) and then started driving back to the ‘burbs. On the way I thought, “Oh good! I have time to stop by Nana’s to show her my new bag before I go to work!” I was almost completely home before I remembered. It hit me so hard I had to pull over. 
I guess you think it’s weird that I was anxious to show my grandmother what I’d just bought- but since my love of all things fashion emerged I’ve shown Nana every new purchase immediately. She always wants to see my bags, boots, shoes, dresses, etc. Then she’d tell me about how she used to wear spikes every day, never wore “dungarees” and was always “dressed”. Nana always had impeccable but expensive taste in jewelry so I’d always present my wrists and ears for inspection as well.
While we were pulling together old snapshots for a slide show at the wake I saw for myself the fashionable side of Nana that I had only glimpsed in the past. 
One of my cousins even remarked, “I guess we know where you get your style!”
I just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful Nana because she’s still inspiring me.
My brother kept calling this one an album cover because of the pose and the wind in her hair.
Nana and my mom at the beach.
At my uncle’s high school graduation.
A photo Nana took for my Papa, who was in the Navy, to wake with him during WWII- and the love note she wrote on the back.



  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful post and photos. Sorry for your loss.

  2. Kara, these are such lovely photos! It's so special that your love of fashion and your love of Nana will always be tied together. She was a glamorous and poised lady. xo

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