(Because nothing says “Fashion” more than balancing on a metal grate in a random playground.)

One of the things that I hate about being a  fashion blogger, is how serious it seems all the time. Well, maybe not the blogging itself, but sometimes we bloggers can appear as if we take ourselves a little too seriously. I can’t speak for every fashion blogger but I’m not a professional model and I will never look like one. But sometimes I worry that maybe readers (or just a casual observer) think that I think that I do.

It’s one of the reasons that for the first four years of Bostonista, I never dared attempt an outfit post. I didn’t set out to be a “blogger”. I just wanted to work in a fashion closet, assisting on shoots.  And I don’t think that I have the greatest style or a bangin’ bod or anything particularly special. I’m just me.

So when my pictures actually reflect my goofy, ridiculous self it makes me happy. I’m stubborn, reflective, and painfully self aware. So for all of you haters out there who think I’m making a fool of myself, I don’t mind. I’m just being me.

(What am I looking at? Why?!)
(I call this my Egyptian-Karlie-Jump)
(Stick that landing, Kara!)
Tara Lace Up Leather Vest c/o Dawn Levy// H&M Lace Sleeve Tunic Dress (Similar Here)// Grey Skinny Jeans c/o Joe’s Jeans// Nude Flats at Old Navy// Gold Arrow Ring (Similar Here and Here)//Green Horn Necklace by White Moth


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