What? You didn’t pre-order tickets to see Sex and the City tomorrow? Really?! Well, that’s okay you can still get a fashion fix at the movies. The best supermodel on the entire planet, Gemma Ward, is making her American film debut in The Strangers and it also comes out tomorrow.  She plays the (aptly-named) character, Doll Face, who helps two others terrorize a poor couple. 

Here is a quick clip featuring Gemma who actually speaks at the end. Even in movies I’m always surprised when I hear a model actually speak. Even one who is wearing a mask and sweats.



  1. I am so terrified of this movie. I saw the trailer when I went to see Baby Mama & I kind of wanted to cry.

  2. Bostonista

    Yeah I’m gonna wait until it’s on dvd to see it. Even though I’ve already read everything about it and know what happens because I hate seeing scary movies in the theatre.

  3. I will be seeing this tonight. I’m so excited that Gemma is a badass murderer.

  4. Thank you for sharing the clip! I want to see it, but as you said, I feel a bit a scary to watch this sort of movies in the cinema. I cannot wait to see Sex and the City though 🙂

  5. hmm…looks interesting. Even though I’m terrified of horror movies, I still end up watching them out of curiosity. Then regretting it. Thanks for the clip 🙂

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