One of my favorite personal style blogs is still Hanneli Mustaparta.
Since she’s on every fashion guest list (even attending the Met Gala last month), I think it’s fair to assume that I’m not the only one who adores her style!
You don’t often see black and white photos from the style blog set in the summer so this one, of Hanneli in a $12 vintage dress, really stands out in the sea of bloggers!
She’s really inspired me to start doing my own personal style posts, although I don’t want that to ever be the focus of my blog, and thought it might be a good summer experiment.
What do you think? Should I take the leap from “fashion blogger” to “personal style blogger”?
(Thanks to Hanneli Mustaparta for the photo)


  1. I love Hanneli's style too! She's so beautiful. I totally think you should start taking some outfit shots here and there. I would love to see your personal style! And on another note, yes, hope to meet you in person very soon! xo

  2. Yes! Definitely do some personal fashion posts for us.

  3. Hanneli is amazing. Her style is so covetable…everything she wears ends up on my evergrowing wishlist. Love, S xx

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