I have always had frizzy, unruly, thick hair. 
Long before I started dying, bleaching, heat treating it- my dark blond hair was textured like a horse’s mane.
I always envied girls with thin hair- it seemed so magically manageable. 
I still haven’t come to terms with my hair’s natural shape, weight and feel. 
But I might be getting closer to learning how to manage it thanks to the HANA Air S dryer.
A few years ago Misikko was kind enough to send me their HANA flat iron which has been a styling life saver so when they offered to send me the matching blow dryer last month I jumped at the chance to give it a try.
The HANA claims to reduce drying time up to 60% thanks to its motor, shape and tourmaline lined ceramic body. I have a lot of hair and with my old dryer it usually took about 35 minutes- with the HANA I’ve been clocking at around 20-25 minutes. Not a huge difference but it does help me out in the morning!
I was really pleased that the HANA includes a concentrated diffuser.
 My stylist always uses one to dry my hair at the salon but I could never find one that fit my old blower. The diffuser definitely helps to get sections of my hair straighter and smoother than without one. 
Another great feature is that the HANA allows you to control the power intensity and temperature used with three heat settings, two fans, and a “cold shot” to seal hair cuticles. 
After a few uses, my hair is noticeably less frizzy. Stick straight? No, but that has much more to do with my lack of hair styling skills than the quality of this blow dryer. It is a professional quality blow dryer that works far better than my old, cheapo one from CVS. Plus, Misikko does an amazing job of packaging and includes a variety of free goodies such as nail files, a bottle of their shine serum, and a surprise or two!
I always use a heat treatment product before I apply any heat, especially important since I tend to go over my hair with my HANNA flat iron immediately after blowing it out with my dryer. It really helps give my hair a smooth, glossy finish.


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